Our Programs


The Fellowship of Artists

The Fellowship of Artists is an initiative designed to develop modern Israeli worship and facilitate the growth of a distinctly Israeli sound


Hebrew Books

Publishing is part of our DNA at Maoz.  We have translated and published over 200 faith building books into Hebrew to help grow the body of Messiah in Israel



Istandwithisrael is the benevolence arm of Maoz Israel Ministries, established to meet the needs of the hurting believers in Israel.

Tiferet Yeshua congregation

Weekly meetings


At Congregation Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv we constantly see Israelis receiving their Messiah, growing in their faith, maturing in their relationship with God and using their gifts for the Kingdom. The total number of Messianic Jews in Israel has grown from a mere handful in the early 1970’s, to some 15,000 believers today. Maoz has been an integral part of the Messianic Jewish movement in Israel since 1976.

Project Feed Tel Aviv


Working with congregation Tiferet Yeshua we are aiming to  fund 1,000 meals for the poor and needy every month through our project Feed Tel Aviv. Through this project we are reaching Jews and Arabs, men and women, prostitutes and drug addicts. 

other Projects

Making Music for Kids


This year Maoz is sponsoring 41 children from 17 congregations across Israel in their music studies.  

Our goal is to raise up the next generation of worshippers.  Some of these children already participate on worship teams in their congregations.  

Maoz UK supporters have been able to provide the sponsorship for one child.



Maoz sponsor the Katzir camp. A three times a year event for believers children to help them grow strong in Messiah and build friendships with other believing young people.



Military service is compulsory for young people in Israel. The Netivah (The Pathway) project helps young believers to prepare for this service, which is often a hostile environment.

The Narrated Bible



We began the translation of The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order two years ago. We have one more year to finish. The Messianic Bible scholars are progressing well. Amazingly we have received £367,000 towards this project. Only £42,000 to go!

You can sponsor one or more pages of this Bible in Hebrew for £200 per page. 

Congregation Ebenezer


Maoz UK have a good connection with Pastor Argaw, leader of Congregation Ebenezer in Tel Aviv. 

We support him on a regular basis and you too can join us in equipping and growing this vibrant group of believers.

Arab Believers


Supporting Arab believers is very important to us at Maoz, we support several groups, churches and outreach work in Israel and in the PA areas.