Your Church journey


Maoz UK can offer a wealth of experience in developing partnerships with Churches.  The Bible makes it clear that we should bless Israel, but how does that work out?  We have found that for every church it is an individual journey. There are many ways that your church can engage with Israel - talk to us to begin that journey.

Current partnerships


Partnership with Elim Churches

Andy and Jane Robb Revival Church Billericay

Andy and Jane Robb Revival Church Billericay

Maoz has many links with churches, particularly in the Elim and AOG movements.  

Brian, our Director, has hosted groups of leaders and also church tours that are particularly focused on developing partnerships and developing meaningful connections in Israel . 

For every church the journey will be different, but for us the priority is to make a difference on the ground in Israel.


Andy and Jane Robb Revival Church Billericay

Andy and Jane Robb Revival Church Billericay

Andy and Jane Robb Revival Church Billericay

It's been almost thirty years since God opened our eyes and our hearts to His ongoing plans and purposes for the Jewish people and the intrinsic connection of this understanding to our Christian faith.

As founding leaders of a church we were therefore keen to root it in God's love of His covenant people.

Partnering with Maoz Israel presented a very practical way to achieve this goal, through channeling financial support to Israel, giving us direction in what to pray for and keeping us informed about current events.

We have appreciated the visits Maoz Israel has made to the church and the strengthening of our relationship through this.

With our partnership with Maoz Israel as the backbone to our engagement with Israel and the Jewish people, we also run the Kesher Course (produced by Christian Friends of Israel, UK) and have shared a Seder meal as a church. The fruit of this is that many of our people have also come into their own personal revelation of God's love for the Jewish people.

As a relatively new church we wanted to find a way in which we could engage in work that was actually happening on the ground in Israel. The weekend that our first direct debit went out to support Maoz, was one in which we had a significant spiritual breakthrough in the church.


Isra Home Tours

Andy and Jane Robb Revival Church Billericay

Isra Home Tours

Going to Israel is the ultimate experience and Maoz UK have a strong partnership with an exceptional organisation which is based in Israel and owned by Messianic believers.

Isra Home Tours have arranged several different trips for Maoz UK, either for individual churches, senior leaders or smaller tailored tours.

Andrei Senderov, the founder and owner of Isra Home Tours has a great deal of experience of arranging tours which are both life changing and very reasonably priced.